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Please allow me to introduce myself....

Name: Jennifer known as Ysabela or Bela

Green Cove Springs, FL

Why do you like Steampunk?
I love the open-ended creativity of the whole movement.  The DIY aspect is also very appealing.

Favorite bit of clothing:
My pinstripe vest....right now.

Favorite accessory:
My clockwork fish.

Cake or Pie?:
Key Lime, baby!  All the way!

Best music in the world is?:
Currently, Abney Park, The Decembrists, Modest Mouse, etc. etc. etc.

Do you have a Persona?:

If so who are they and what's their story:
Had a "starter" persona for DragonCon:  Auntie Social, part of a gang of London villains known as the Shankhill Butchers.  I'm sure this will only be one of many characters I'll try on until I settle.  Sorta persona du jour.

Now post photos so we know what you look like and can hug you when we see you on the street:  
 Portrait of a villain.

Auntie Social at Dragoncon!
Are you a good egg?:
    Hard-boiled and sometimes a bit scrambled but generally a good 'un.     

Pimp your stuff:
I dabble in haberdashery and jewelrymaking.  I've made sales from my weaving and had one piece in a museum exhibition at the Thomas Center in Gainesville.  Recently, I had a few of my hand-painted game boards in another exhibition at the same Gallery. 

Steampunk heroes:
I guess my childhood Steampunk hero was Captain Nemo.  (Verne was one of my favorite authors.)  I liked the way he was portrayed in the League but I liked the re-interpretation of Dorian Gray even better. 
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