Pirate Jenny (bonnyread) wrote in nefl_steam,
Pirate Jenny

possible Gainesville events

Here's what I'm pondering. Give me feedback, please?

1.) Trip to Devil's Millhopper: I haven't been since I was a kid, so I'm due another trip, and it seems like a great place for a troupe of intrepid explorers. (http://www.floridastateparks.org/devilsmillhopper/)

2.) Group trip to the Hippodrome State Theatre: Their Halloween show is a Victorian ghost story, and we could probably arrange a tour of the building. Group rates are something like $8 for students and $22 for the rest of us. (www.thehipp.org)

3.) Day of the Dead Seance - this would take a bit of planning, and if I host it at my house, the guest list will have to be limited.

4.) Museum Visits - There's the Natural History Museum (http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/) which I love, and the Matheson Historical Center which I've never been to (http://www.mathesonmuseum.org/)

5.) Costuming Workshop - I'm not sure how the logistics on this would work out...

6.) Newberry Cornfield Maze/Haunted Hayride (http://www.myspace.com/newberrycornfieldmaze)

7.) Wait for it... another picnic.
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