February 22nd, 2009

Minutes from the Cowford meeting on the 21st of Fed.

Citizens and friends of Cowford,


I would like to thank the returning citizens of Cowford, Rick Minor- Director of the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, but most of all, all of the new gentles that attended what is by far our most successful meeting in our 1/3 of a year history.


For starters I as Hizzoner would like to apologize for any lewd, wild, bizarre, and /or in appropriate commentary I made while under the influence of cold medicines and fresh air. I really is unusual for me to be that sedate, and I promise next month I will be back to normal.


I propose, (i.e. I am going to do things this way until the citizen of Cowford actually have an election for a new Mayor.) that when ever we get invited to an event, those inviting us have to come to our meeting to propose their ideas.


This is why.


March 7th is the Green Cove Springs Historical Society Steam Train and Victorian Festival. From 10:00 am til 4:00 pm. IT IS FREE ADMITTENCE. The event is being held at the Historic Triangle at Green Cove Springs located at Ferris Street (Highway 16), and Walnut Street. There will of course be trains, but Civil War Re-enactors, craft displays and tours of the Victorian jail and courthouse. It just doesn’t get anymore old school than this Ladies and Gentlemen.


A citizen of Cowford is actually the director of this festival and her insights into exactly what we could provide, and immediate response to our own questions proved to be invaluable to the planning and approval process. We are fully going to support the festival, and hope that all who read this would be able to adjoin us. Victorian wear is not a requirement. Just an interest in history.


March 21st is thee big photo day. At our meeting we had representatives from all participating parties to hammer out the final details. Due to the number of participants, Photographers, their assistants, and the CONFIRMED models, I made the decision to cap off any further requests to join in the fun. This is to prevent any further bedlam that may arise with the shear number of people we will have running to and fro.


The Photogs will be arriving at 9:00 am to begin setting up cameras and scouting locations. Shooting will begin shortly thereafter. Bring props, bring costumes. Bring anything extra you have that you may wish to share. Most important bring ideas and concept. You Mayor has already been informed that he will be the subject of insidious designs fro both Doctor Fate, and the Shankhill Butchers. LET US MAKE GREAT ART!


Fear not. I have been told this is not the last time this shoot will happen and look forward to future collaborations between The Cowford Steampunk Society, the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, and the Jax Photo Meet-Up Group.


Pictures and links will be posted as soon as they are available.


March 28th in conjunction with the Mandarin Public Library we will be showing our softer side in a collaboration with their teen anime cub. More details will be announce But I thank Don for interrupting his family, and one, day off to chat with us about what they would like us to do fro them. I also wish to welcome him and one of the other teen directors Mike as our newest citizens.


The details will be made available as they unfold, but this is guaranteed to be a high exposure event and a great chance to interact with the community. All details will be posted on the forums at www.cowfordsteampunk.yuku.com .


Other business discussed, between pauses for impromptu role play, were;


-         Volunteering at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Our benifactor is a non-profit organization and the facilities he has offered is a most magnanimous offer that we have already with much success taken advantage of. I personally, before the photo shoot will be showing up to help clean up some of the areas that need a little attention and do some maintenance because I have thing for power tools. I encourage everyone when they have a chance to contact the museum and ask them for something to do.


-         A visit to the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum.


-          An interaction with Jacksonville’s chapter of the Single Action Shooter Society, the Cowford Regulators


-         April 11 is the First Annual Cowford Beach Beach Party at the Guana River State Park Middle Beach Entrance from 10:00 am ‘til whenever. The only semi-modern facility is a port-a-potty in the parking lot. Bring water, drinks, food, sunscreen, cabañas, and whatever else you are going to need or want. The event will be transitioning the hottest part of the day so come and be safe. Victorian bathing costumes and steampunky inspired swimwear encouraged.


-         April 18 will be our regular meeting at the Karpeles for those that could not make the beach party and those that survived it.


-         Our May 16th meeting will be a croquet and tea party on the greens next to the museum, weather permitting. Wardrobe is encouraged!


-         The Mayor for got the official map for the Great Cowford Land Grab, so this will be postponed until the April meeting. Rest assured, said map, I now in the official mayoral briefcase for safe keeping. Speaking of safe-keeping I would like to thank Brian profusely for noticing that I left said briefcase behind on a picnic bench and rescued it, stored it securely until I came to my senses and realized I left it behind. THANK BRIAN!!!


With that fair ladies and gentle men I conclude this State of the City report.


With my fondest regards,