December 13th, 2008

2nd Meeting Minutes of the Cowford Steampunk Society

Minutes for the last meeting


Once again it was a successful meeting for the Cowford Chamber of Commerce!


The current de facto Mayor appointed a Vice-Mayor and all parties in attendance agreed. It was the stated that when the membership grows to a fuller complement we would hold formal elections.


The new forums were consistently mentioned and the group was informed that any future matters concerning the Cowford Steampunk Society would be addressed through the forums. Advertisements will continue to be announced in as many possible venues as possible.


Exciting news! We are Googlable! We welcome our newest member who found us by way of searching for “Jacksonville” and “Steampunk” through Google!


Upon returning to my abode I received a correspondence with an exciting offer! More on this as the story develops.


Our next meeting is set for January 10th. Same place, same time because I like consistency. Noon until 2:00 pm at the Pablo Creek Library.


As a warning we will not be able to get the library for our March and April meetings.


What we have done though is in March join our creative spirits with a local photography club and be the subject of their shoots for that day. We have until the second Saturday of March to get your costumes and accessories together! The location will be announced as the time gets nearer but I guarantee it is going to be spectacular!


April will be the first ever Cowford Beach Beach Party! So while you are getting your wardrobe together for the March photo shoot, think about this one too!


All members are challenged to bring someone new with them for the next meeting.


Until then,


You Mayor Pro Tempt,


Buzz Ryan