November 3rd, 2008

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Ghostly Steampunk Outing Report!

Last Wednesday, unseeliepixie  and I undertook our Ghostly Steampunk Outing in the Nation's Oldest City.  Dressed in some of our steampunk finery and brandishing my digital camera, we set out not only to catch some ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggity beasties on the Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure tour but also to do some Steamy vogueing amidst the Victorian splendour of St. Augustine.  (Photos of our jaunt have also been posted to the Florida Steam Group pool.)

Our first stop was at one of the local 19th century cemeteries where we struck many a villainous pose amidst the tombs as The Boss and Auntie Social, two members of the notorious London gang, the Shankhill Butchers.  Afterwards, we shifted over to the Hotel Alcazar (now the Lightner Museum) where we used the potted palms, oriental statuary and ornate masonry of that beautiful buidling to evoke a romp through the palaces and jungles of India.

After we dined at the Florida Cracker Cafe on St. George Street, we proceeded to Castle Warden in order to board the sleek, black Ghost Train that would take us to the more haunted areas of the town.  Upon our return to the Castle, we followed our guides into the darkened halls of the former hotel to hear tales of mayhem and murder most foul.  We had a splendid time though we did miss the company of our Steamy brothers and sisters.   

I hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!
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