October 16th, 2008

  • feikoi

1890s Festival

This Saturday, McIntosh is holding its 1890s Festival. There's an event notice up on Facebook right now, but I was wondering a) who was going, and b) what time to meet, if any.

My family is coming up that weekend, and we're planning on attending but probably not until late morning-early afternoon.

Just thought I'd check!

Jacksonville Steampunk Meeting


Fair ladies and good gentlemen, I invite you to an organizational meeting for all interested parties for the inauguration of the Cowford Florida Steampunk Society.


I apologize in advance for taking the liberty to set the time and place, but alas too much discussion leads to too much dissention. I fear that it is a universal maxim that you can not accommodate everyone, but please know that I did the best I could to accommodate the most people.  


Mark your calendars and set your mechano-cartographer into action for Saturday, November 8th, 2008 at the Pablo Creek Library, 13295 Beach Blvd Jacksonville (904-992-7101). Time of the room reservation is from Noon ‘til 2:00 pm.


For this event, regalia is not a necessity, personas are not required, and there is no parking for airships. Bring your garb, your props, and your pictures of your work if you desire. Bring your writings, your sketches, but most of all bring your geek and constructive ideas to build upon this foundation.


While not being a fan of tight formats, yet being versed in Roberts Rules of Order I have set a loose agenda for the meeting in order to maximize the time we have.


-Call to Order


-Discussion on the group format.

-Discussion of future events.

-Show and tell, lecture, workshop, what have you.


-Possibly retreat to an establishment for a meal or tea.


I feel this should cover every thing for our first meeting, and future topics can be fleshed out in subsequent gatherings.


For any comments or queries please contact me at ti_010@yahoo.com


My best,


Vice-Admiral Rudolph Beggley


A.K.A. Buzz Ryan