October 4th, 2008

My humble introduction.

Name: Buzz Ryan

Home: Neptune Beach, Florida

Why do you like Steampunk? It is very layered, my love of Steampunk.


Steampunk paints a revisionistic portrait using nostalgia of the past with the promise of the future upon the medium that is our imaginations.


I have had the underpinnings of steampunk for a while and it wasn’t until the last couple of years I have known there was a name for this affliction. As a younger man I was in flight school for hot air balloons, and for a couple of years I was a ships engineer on an aircraft carrier, operating and maintaining its steam engines. I have a passion for all things of the sea and stars.


Now a days, I am a rabid costumer. It is my vehicle to become immersed into the fantasy. What I love, truly love about steampunk is that there is no canon for its creation. As far as fandom goes it is the ultimate in individualistic expression.


Favorite bit of clothing: Right now I have one Neo-Victorian suit, but I have designs for three more. One to include a Vernesque dive suit.

Favorite accessory: At the moment I would have to say my vest.

Do you have a Persona:  In development.

If so who are they and what’s their story: This is a result of the Steampunk Name Generator from the Brass Goggles site. Vice Admiral Rudolph Beggley, and that story is defiantly going to include a submersible of some sort.

Now post photos so we know what you look like and can hug you when we see you on the street