September 29th, 2008


Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Name: Amanda
Home: Gainesville, FL
Why do you like Steampunk? Being a part of the local gothy-type scene I have the tendency to adore everything Victorian and spooky. Always looking for new inspiration for outfits, (sigh, I am afraid I am VERY much a girl) I discovered the genre of Steampunk. I fell in love. I am big into the idea of retro futurism, the melding of the old and new. So Steampunk seemed to be the natural culmination of pretty much everything I was interested in.
Favorite bit of clothing: Either my gray and black striped corset or my black velvet skirt.
Favorite accessory: Custom made top hat.
Cake or Pie?: Cake, no icing.
Best music in the world is?: Apoptygma Berserk, VnV Nation, Wolfsheim, Tori Amos, Edge of Dawn and Covenant. And on occasion I do enjoy the required Abney Park.
Do you have a Persona?: I have a million little story lines drifting through my head, though I have yet to merge them into a complete persona.
If so who are they and what's their story: N/A for the time being.

Now post photos so we know what you look like and can hug you when we see you on the street.

Are you a good egg?: Most of the time.
Pimp your stuff: No thanks.
Steampunk heroes: Mina Murray from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vampire + Beautiful Lady = Perfection.

possible Gainesville events

Here's what I'm pondering. Give me feedback, please?

1.) Trip to Devil's Millhopper: I haven't been since I was a kid, so I'm due another trip, and it seems like a great place for a troupe of intrepid explorers. (

2.) Group trip to the Hippodrome State Theatre: Their Halloween show is a Victorian ghost story, and we could probably arrange a tour of the building. Group rates are something like $8 for students and $22 for the rest of us. (

3.) Day of the Dead Seance - this would take a bit of planning, and if I host it at my house, the guest list will have to be limited.

4.) Museum Visits - There's the Natural History Museum ( which I love, and the Matheson Historical Center which I've never been to (

5.) Costuming Workshop - I'm not sure how the logistics on this would work out...

6.) Newberry Cornfield Maze/Haunted Hayride (

7.) Wait for it... another picnic.