September 26th, 2008


Pirate Jenny stealing the first post.

Since there's only two of us here so far I'll start out with an introduction.  I'm taking the easy way out, though, and comandeering the intro survey from over at Steamfashion:

Name: Pirate Jenny
Home : Gainesville FL
Why do you like Steampunk? I like the blending of genres.  I guess I'm kind of a steam-gypsy-pirate-diesel-pulp-mad-science-industrial-gothic-romantic-patchwork punk. I like the esthetic.  Corsets and vests look good on everyone,  brown leather and lace is always good, and brass, copper, and bronze are the prettiest metals around.  I like the spirit of adventure, exploration, and innovation embraced so heartily. And I LOVE the respect for history that goes along with steampunk (and respect doesn't exclude the fun of make-believe.)
Favorite bit of clothing: I just bought a map fabric corset from Brute Force Leather. I'm going to have a supremely hard time designing any outfits that don't include this piece.
Favorite accessory: My handsome mustachioed husband.
Cake or Pie?: Both
Best music in the world is?: Tom Waits.

Do you have a Persona?:  In progress, maybe.
if so who are they and whats there story: Sky-Pirate Jenny, gunner for the Airship Minerva. But I haven't gotten very far with her yet. Just a thing my friends and I tossed around at Dragoncon.

Now post photos so we know what you look like and can hug you when we see you on the street

Are you a good egg?: Pirate.

Pimp your stuff:  It's too late for this but: Steampunk Picnic.

And now my own addittion to the survey:

Steampunk heroes: Theodore Roosevelt, Nicola Tesla, and my grandfather