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Last Weekend in Cowford

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the thing I was thinking this weekend. This is the thing that had me amazed when I would sit or stand back and look at everyone.

We still exist.

Not only do we still exist we have thrived beyond my expectations. I should not be amazed by the level of cooperation that was exhibited from the Cowford Steampunk Society, the Jacksonville Photography Meet-Up Group, and the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, whose building is a character unto itself, but I am indeed amazed and humbled.

Thank you Rick for long ago inviting us to enter into a rich and rewarding partnership with the museum. Thank you to your staff for always making us feel like we are part of this wonderful treasure that is the Karpeles. The boiler room will forever from now on known as the dungeon.

Any chaos or preplanning errors were mine and mine alone. Not ever coordinating anything like this before there were a few suggestions and things that could have been done to make this even grander than it was. Please know that none of the suggestions I received fell on deaf ears. Next time they will be implemented.

Thank you Ralph for thinking of us when you needed photo subjects, thank you to all of your membership and their talents. Your photographers are awesome artists and it was such joy to be part of the creative process.

We are already talking about next time. More props. More stories. More wardrobe changes. As for me I plan on unleashing my Steampunk Tarzan.

My good citizens of Cowford… you are my Yoda’s and Obi Wan’s! Kelly, Jennifer, and the rest of the Shankhill Butchers are the strongback that holds this ship together. I thank you for all of the props, and all of the costume accessories, and most of all the picnic lunch. Everyone benefited from your good works and I applaud you! Bravo Ladies, Bravo!

Rick - Thank you for finding us, but most of all, thank you for being one of us.

Brian and staff- the boiler room…erg…dungeon was the belle of the ball. Your work in cleaning it up, but not to clean made it such a wonderful place to create epic images.

John – Professor Fate my ass. You are one of the nicest guys I know, and your quiet energy and the wondrous props you brought made every picture you were in a layered piece. Anyone can stand in front of a camera. Only a few can project a personality.

Ellin – I love doing stunt work with you! It has been too long since we worked together, and your historical expertise brought a texture that we didn’t have before. Brains, beauty, and guts, you are the total package.

Allie – You are a rock star! You know how I feel about that honorific and how I don’t toss it around lightly.

Stew – Thank you for driving up from Hoggetown to partake with us! It truly would not have been or ever will be the same without you. Nobody will ever know how much running around behind the scenes you do. Next time you play with us.

Lady Rosetta- How can one who lurks in the dark bring so much light? I am grateful for my shadow because it is always near and reminds me I am standing in the light. A thousand praises be to you Milady.

Adam -I am your stunt man baby! Next time I swear I won’t have walking pneumonia and will be able to crank out gags. I know you are used to me jumping higher, and hanging longer but I just couldn’t pull it off this time. Sorry Brother.

And with that fair ladies and gentlemen, I live for our next grand adventure…. The First Annual Cowford Beach Beach Party on April 11th.


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