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I checked the original post concerning advertisements and whatnot, and it seems this is acceptable. If not and I have stepped on toes, pray let me know and feel free to remove the offending bits or request that I do so.

I am a local purveyor of vintage and steampunk-inspired jewelry. By local I mean you can dock your airship in Five Points and stroll into Fans & Stoves Antique Mall and peruse my wares. Until fairly recently, this was the only way to purchase these trinkets and gewgaws. I've set up an artfire account. In addition, flickr houses an excellent store - albeit rather random - of collected images of past and present work.

Name: Teresa

Home: Jax, FL

Why do you like Steampunk? I remember sitting on an old friend's bed and being handed a big floppy collection of Girl Genius and realizing that there were others like me and it was far bigger than I could have ever realized. This was eight years ago. My love of the Victorian era and all its trappings and problems goes back as far as I can remember, along with my very un-feminine fascination with Jules Verne and "strange" contraptions as a kid. I could ramble on far longer about this than I think any one could stomach and still not answer the "why."

Favorite bit of clothing: At the moment, my brown suede floor length tiered skirt and these, though I love all of my arm and leg warmers madly.

Favorite accessory: An amazing brooch I found at Fans & Stoves. The dear lady who made it had since passed and her husband was continuing to sell her antiques and creations. Sadly, it was the only thing even remotely steamy she'd ever made.

Do you have a Persona: I'd like to say yes. I have two different directions I would want to go in. To be honest, I feel like I have very little time in my life for persona development between working full time, creating jewelry and managing my little household. I hope to give it more thought and time this year.

Now post photos so we know what you look like and can hug you when we see you on the street
Cheesin' it up at the drama department
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