Michael James della Passaglia (mdellapassaglia) wrote in nefl_steam,
Michael James della Passaglia

North-Central Florida Steampunk/Steamgoth Meet-Up and Photoshoot?

Would anyone be interested in a steampunk/steamgoth meet-up in the Gainesville, FL, area?  I did a little exploring this weekend and found some really great places for photo sessions and picnicking.  I'm thinking we could start at the Oaks Mall for the purposes of carpooling, and then go to Boulware Springs Park and Historic Waterworks for a picnic and photoshoot.  From there, we could go to the Living History Farm at Morningside Nature Center,  and then to either Dudley Farm State Park in Newberry or O'Leno State Park in High Springs (both of which have a $4/vehicle entrance fee).  There is also the option of checking out several places in downtown Gainesville.  I'm figuring that we could do this either on the 21st or the 28th, or next month on the 11th. (The 4th of April might also be an option, but that's my anniversary and two days before my birthday.)
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